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Hi, welcome to my little space on the internets. I primarily write here to document my travels, learnings on software development, and life in general. I'm also hoping that the content I put on here will help those who are looking to travel while making a living at the same time rather than being stuck in a modern-day jail cell for the rest of their lives (cough... offices.. cough cough). Feel free to ask me any questions, leave any comments, say hi, etc.

This site is primarily about

Android development

I started working with Android development in January of 2016. This is my profession and how I make money. I'll be writing about various topics in Android development on this blog.


I work remotely, thus I get to work and travel at the same time and see parts of the world that I would never get to see if I worked in an office. I'll be documenting my travels here.

Ruby on Rails

I don't do much web development anymore, and frankly try to avoid it to concentrate on Android development, but Ruby is still my favorite programming language and Rails is still awesome.

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Oh, and I may be available for contract work. Email me at if you need a hand in Android development or Ruby on Rails development.