All Governments are Corrupt

One common theme I notice whenever I go visit a new country is that everyone complains about how corrupt their government is. I haven’t been to one country where the people of that nation says anything positive about their politicians. In the worst case scenario, people blame their government for their country’s problems.

** One random side note about common complaints. Every country I’ve been, all women complain about their men, how their men are horrible. But every male friend I’ve made in the countries I’ve visited have all been very kind, generous, and hard-working people. Maybe women just like to complain.

Take Ukraine for example, the country I am in now. I was buying a cup of coffee this morning at a small coffee shop and the topic of the current war that’s going on in Ukraine came up. The barista at the coffee shop had this theory about the war being a cover up of some sort between the Ukrainian government and the Russian government, and the Ukrainian government was fighting this war on purpose to blame all of Ukraine’s problems on Russia. Then he went on complaining about how corrupt the Ukrainian government is and if the government wasn’t corrupt and more competent, Ukraine would be a rich country. Ukrainians like to mention that while every government is corrupt, their government takes it one step further and is on a whole another level of corruption, and then blames the economic conditions of Ukraine on its incompetent government.

Oh yeah? Shall we have a competition on which country has the world’s most corrupt government? Recently the South Korean president got impeached for governing with the advice given from a Shaman. Yes, a Shaman (stock photo of a Shaman below).


What about the US government? A government for the people by the people are constantly influenced by whoever throws them the most amount of money in campaign funds. In fact, if our presidential candidates wore sponsorship stickers during the elections, they probably won’t have enough surface area on their bodies to hold all of the stickers. Then we have our presidents waging wars against other countries at will when the Constitution specifically states that only Congress has the authority to declare war. Oh, and then we also go build roads in other countries when our own roads are falling apart.

Rather than building our own country, we like to spend our money to build other countries!

The point I’m trying to make is that every government is corrupt. It’s in their very nature to be corrupt. In fact, it’s kind of silly that we expect anything better from governments in general. It’s akin to asking a turtle to grow wings and fly.

Governments suck. They’ve always sucked and will always suck. So instead of blaming them for our problems, relying on them to solve our problems, and expecting them to provide for us (like voting for politicians who promise us free stuff), let’s focus on making governments as small and irrelevant in our lives as possible and on improving our lives with our own individual merits.

About the Author Chris Jeon

Software developer currently focusing on Android development.