Changing post frequency

When I started this blog, I told myself that I would update the blogs twice a week. After two weeks into February, I decided to change this.

I’ll be posting once per week instead of twice per week. When I made the decision to post twice per week for the year of 2017, this was when I was back in the United States and had a ton of time just to work on stuff. Now that I’m abroad again where I have a more lively social life, more projects, and etc., I find that it’s difficult to put out quality posts twice per week.

I do not want to write a blog post for the sake of writing a blog post. Quality posts take some time and thought to write and I think that the quality of each posts will be higher and more valuable to people if I cut back the frequency of the posts to once per week and focus on quality instead of quantity.

For example, I want to write a blog post on how to implement a SearchView in Android utilizing various third party libraries. To make it into a quality post, I would need to create a sample repo showcasing the code, write about the logic behind why it was implemented this way, advantages/disadvantages of the implementation, and etc. Posts like this take more than 30 minutes to write and I’m simply lacking the time at the moment. And for the sake of fulfilling the 2 posts per week goal, I’m writing about the Udacity courses I’ve taken, how to learn new languages, and etc. And while these aren’t terrible posts, I want this blog to be more focused on Android and software development, rather than my nomadic existence in the world. And for me, posts on technical topics take longer to write than other types of blog posts. Granted, if I have more time, I will be posting more, but the minimum will be one post per week moving forward instead of two posts per week.

Well, here’s to continuing myself through 2017.

About the Author Chris Jeon

Software developer currently focusing on Android development.