Random fitness rant

Earlier this year, I had this goal of being able to squat and deadlift 315lbs while maintaining my current weight of 142lbs.

That goal might seem pretty easy for a lot of people, but you see, I’m not a naturally athletic guy. When I first started lifting weights, I couldn’t bench the regular barbell, which is only 45lbs in weight. I had to slowly work my way up over the years, adding rep by rep, and pound by pound to the bar. So I thought being able to Squat and Deadlift 315lbs while maintaining my current weight would be a goal worth shooting for.

Whenever I set a goal I want to achieve, I have a tendency to go all out until I achieve it. In the case of being this specific weight lifting goal, I decided that I would lift weight 6 times per week. I decided on 6 times per week because I had tried 7 days per week and my body simply couldn’t handle that amount of volume. Also, I decided to Squat and Deadlift every workout session. I got the idea from the Squat Every Day lifting program found here.

Well, my lifts went up in weight pretty fast. It turns out when you perform heavy compound lifts like the Squat and Deadlift on a regular basis (in my case, 6x per week) with lots of volume, your other lifts get stronger too. I kept this workout program up for 6 months, not missing a single workout, until I got injured.

I had severe lower back pain to a point where I was seriously concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do anything active again. I eventually went to a doctor to get it checked out and was prescribed physical therapy sessions. Having never done physical therapy, I thought physical therapy sessions were basically hour long massage sessions. Thus, I was quite happy with the prescription since I thought that I would be getting massages paid for by my insurance plan three times per week.

It turned out physical therapy is more like a workout than a relaxing massage session. The goal of my physical therapy sessions was to strengthen my glutes. And since exercises to strengthen the glutes involve leg exercises like squats, leg presses, and etc., my physical therapy sessions really were (and still are since I’m still continuing on with the sessions) hour long leg workouts.

At first I was skeptical of the therapy sessions, but my lower back pain started improving after about 2 months of therapy. It turns out muscular imbalances can really cause pain in certain areas of your body. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that a lot of the clients were in fact very active and healthy people who enjoy exercising. I thought it was ironic that people who adhere to the active and healthy lifestyle are the people who feel pain in their bodies while many of the sedentary people that I know feel zero pain.

This was one of those super random posts about some random non software development related things currently going on in my life. I still can’t perform proper heavy lifts like the Squat and Deadlift due to back pain, but I hope to recover fully soon to continue shooting for that 315lbs goal 😀


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